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Warmcoat Insulating Paint Cuts Heat Loss & Stops Mould

Warmcoat Insulating Paint Cuts Heat Loss & Stops Mould

Warmcoat Insulating Paint Cuts Heat Loss & Stops Mould

  • Cuts Home Heat Loss, Stops Mould, Condensation, Damp Wall Problems
  • Cuts heat loss saves on energy bills.
  • For simple overview please watch the Video. (basic but you'll get the point)

Planning to paint your inside walls ceilings? Do yourself a big favour and check out Warmcoat as part of that project because unlike any other paint... Warmcoat helps make your home warmer and cuts heat loss.

"Finally, a Low-Cost Solution Resulting in a Warmer, Drier Healthier Home!"

Never enough heat still freezing? Old cavity block walls mostly solid. (cold)?

Freezing cold, cavity block / solid wall, hard to heat, cold room(s)

Your home may have been built with cavity block or solid walls, stone or concrete and you always feel cold irrespective of heating.

In other words, wall insulation is non existent meaning it is very hard to heat and when heated – gets cold again quickly. (click here for more important information on insulating cavity block walls) Older homes with bad insulation are especially prone to this problem.

Caution: Many cavity block walls cannot be successfully insulated by ‘pumping’ alone because a substantial percentage of that wall is in fact solid concrete which cannot be ‘pumped’ for obvious reasons. ( See example picture)

Some insulation systems compound existing condensation problems by reducing the wall’s ability to breathe.

Wetness or damp forms on cold walls Mould patches grow on damp surface Condensation, damp walls, wet walls.

Condensation, often described as damp walls or wet walls is a direct result of bad or no wall insulation frequently accompanied by inadequate room ventilation. Cold walls attract the warmer, moist room air, and when it makes contact with the cold wall, forms water droplets. (as on bathroom mirror). Drying clothes etc in a room adds to this problem.

Toxic black mould on walls ceiling, musty smell. Ugly, toxic black mould thrives on walls and ceilings that are wet or damp, usually a direct result of condensation above.

Mould has been identified with health problems, for instance respitory, sleep loss etc. Musty odour is



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usually present.

Often present in or behind wardrobes, behind beds etc.

Big insulation job too costly for your budget?

One effective solution to all the above is to have the room dry lined with an appropriate insulation material, ensuring adequate room ventilation. Only downside is cost and the space, it can take up 60 or 70mm added to the walls which will make the room a bit smaller, ok if you have the space. Finally, cost… a small room will cost from €500 up depending on material etc. You still have to paint or paper over the dry lining.

Rising Energy Costs

All above problems are usually associated with inadequate insulation. New carbon taxes and electricity price hikes on the way will not help either.

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