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Thermilate Insulating Additive for All Paints

Thermilate Insulating Additive for All Paints

Insulating Paint Additive,Cuts Heat Loss, Stops Mould

  • Thermilate Insulating Paint Additive Reduces Heat Loss in Your Home or Property through INTERNAL, EXTERNAL WALLS CEILINGS
  • Having been featured on several TV programmes such as BBC'S TOMORROW'S WORLD, Changing Room, THERMILATE, the revolutionary, durable paint additive that makes paint insulate is now available to home owners, maintenance painting contractors.
  • This very practical product can be added to virtually any kind of paint… from interior emulsion, exterior masonry paint, gloss paint on steel, you name it. In all cases, it will reduce heat loss out through the substrate.
  • AND… it also works the other way around, if you wanted to keep heat inside pipes, hot water tank etc, the Thermilate additive reduces heat loss when 2 or 3 coats of treated paint are applied to the pipe etc.The two images on the right aboveshows Thermilate used in oil based paint on inside of a steel barge to stop / reduce condensation on the steel walls.


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Product Description

Steel Roof Condensation

Another handy application we have been told about which gets excellent results was where condensation occurs on underside of a steel roof, also known as steel roof condensation such as commonly found on corrugated steel, sheds / workshops, steel containers so on. In this scenario, the handiest option is add the Thermilate to any appropriate paint and apply a coat or better still two coats.

Idea is to apply 2 or 3 coats of any oil based paint with one bottle of Thermilate per 5 Litres of paint.


Saves on heating bills because less heat / energy will be required for the same results.

Reduces or eliminates mould on 'cold walls' etc

Helps reduce condensation / damp wall problems

Customer Comments Below:

Thermilate Insulating Paint Additive can be used in conjunction with our Warmcoat Advanced… Use the Warmcoat for the first two coats and add the Thermilate Additive to the final COLOUR coat.

Available in 1 litre bottle – enough for 5 litres of any paint.

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