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Owatrol Deks Olje D1

Owatrol Deks Olje D1

Owatrol Deks Olje D1

Deks Olje D1, Saturating Wood Oil, Interior, Exterior, Hard Woods, Boats & Home Saturating Oil For Interior And Exterior Hardwood With a Clear Satin Finish – Protects From Within.

Deks Olje D1, (pronounced 'decks o-lee-ay') Saturating oil for interior and exterior hardwood with a clear satin finish – protects from within

  • Ideal for use on new oak and tropical Hardwoods – perfect for dense wood species
  • Penetrates the wood fully and protects from within
  • Extremely thin oil which saturates the wood, literally feeding it from within
  • Easy maintenance – no sanding or stripping
  • Can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Saturates and protects all woods – Soft and Hard; Oily and Dense.
  • Excellent penetration – non-film forming.
  • Replaces the natural oils lost from the wood – will not blacken the timber.
  • Transparent – Enhances the natural grain of the wood.
  • Deep penetrating, stabilises the wood – Protects against moisture ingress.
  • Easy maintenance – no sanding or stripping.
  • Used alone, gives a silken matt finish or overcoat with Deks Olje D2 for a high gloss finish


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Product Description

Where to use
  • Hardwoods and Tropical Timber : Teak, Mahogany, Oak, Chestnut, Movingui, Ipe, Bangkirai
  • Softwoods : Pine, Larch, Spruce
  • Exterior : garden furniture, hardwood windows and doors, patios, walkways, boat decks, topsides on boats, portals …
  • Interior : paneling, stairs, doors, windows, door frames …
  • Marine : Can be applied above or below the water line. Excellent primer for conventional single pack marine coatings.
  • Horizontal – Vertical.
  • Apply a coat of D1 – Allow to penetrate for 15-30 minutes.
  • Apply a second application. Allow to penetrate for 15-30 minutes.
  • Repeat this procedure until the wood is saturated i.e. will accept no more oil.
  • Once the timber is saturated, brush out or wipe up any excess product that has not penetrated to avoid shiny spots.
  • Do not allow D1 to become touch dry or dry between coats (apply “wet on wet”).
  • Refer to the packaging for maintenance procedure.

Multicoat coverage :1 to 4 m²/l (depending on porosity)

Coverage rate for maintenance :8 to 12 m²/l

Application tools :Brush - Roller

Application temperature :5°C to +35°C

Drying :24 h.

Setting up time before use :3 days.

Clean-up :White-Spirit

Choose Deks Olje D1 To Protect Your Hardwood

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